Prescription-strength digital marketing for community pharmacy

The complete solution for enhancing the digital presence of your community pharmacy.

Why choose Script?


Independent pharmacy is complex, so why work with an agency that has little/no pharmacy experience? At Script, we have pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists working to enhance your marketing. It’s time to start working with people that understand your business the same way you do.


We specialize in digital marketing for community pharmacy and we’re really, really good at it! From Facebook ads and SEO, to custom web-design and email marketing… we create and deliver the highest quality, unique content to your target audience in order to acquire new, or retain existing patients.


As a business owner, you want to know where your money is going and how much you’re making in return. Unfortunately many owners do not know their return on investment, or have any objective results to calculate the performance of a specific advertising campaign. At Script, we prioritize objective results.

Now is the best time to strengthen your digital presence

With healthcare becoming increasingly digital, it’s more important than ever to meet patients where they spend most of their time… online. Many large players are making this shift, creating benefits for patients and their workflow. Stay ahead of the competition and level-up your pharmacies’ marketing today!


Cost effective



Average results from our clients

Pharmacy owners using Script Digital Marketing have seen incredible results from our services, growing month-over-month.

Return on investment


Conversion rate

New patients per month

Endless options tailored for your success

Combine services to retain new & existing patients with enhanced accessibility and convenience.

Web design

Technology integration


Social media ads

Google & YouTube ads

Email marketing

Digital analytics

Social media management


And much more...

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